Adjustable Auto-Brightness 1.0


An app that allows the user to adjust the automatic screen brightness!

This app allows the user to adjust the phone's automatic brightness. The screen will still automatically dim or brighten according to ambient light conditions, but the user now has the ability to make the overall brightness level (from maximum to minimum) dimmer than the default. This is a response to many saying the automatic brightness of many phones is too bright.

- If you currently have your phone set to use automatic brightness, you will need to disable it for the app to work correctly
- Set the brightness level of the screen in a well-lit room for best results. Setting it in a dark room or bright sunlight does not allow for ideal adjustments
- If at anytime you'd like to adjust the current screen brightness, click on the service running in the notification bar and change the current level
- The app is not set to run on phone startup, so every time the phone is restarted, the user must start the app manually

Last Updated:2011-09-19 01:55:19
File size:41KB
OS:Android 2.1 and up